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    C&C Socks is now Crazy Socks!

    We're excited to announce that C&C Socks is now Crazy Socks!  Although our socks are still cool, "crazy" describes our brand and our sock patterns a lot more accurately. Thank you for your continued support of Crazy Socks!

    Crazy Socks Logo

    We've Launched Ankle Socks!

    C&C Socks is excited to announce that we've launched a new line of cool & crazy ankle socks!  Guaranteed, the coolest ankle socks you've ever seen!

    New Design Alert: Crazy Socks

    We're excited to announce the release of our newest design:  Crazy Socks.  The design is inspired by colorful, cool, & crazy looking textiles.  This style fits sizes 6-13 and is available for sale starting today!

    Crazy Socks by C&C Socks

    Did You Say Polka Dot Socks?!

    Due to popular demand, we've launched a new line of polka dot socks! They're available in red, purple, pink, & green for now with more colors launching next week.  Polka Dot socks are awesome because you can dress them up or down. Fun night with the boys? Wedding night? At the office?  Polka Dot socks are perfect for any occasion!

    Cool Red Polka Dot SocksCool Purple Polka Dot SocksCool Pink Polka Dot SocksCool Green Polka Dot Socks

    Now Available: Pepperoni Pizza Socks

    We're very excited to announce the launch of our Pepperoni Pizza Socks!  They feature extra cheese and pepperoni, just the way you like it! These socks are only available for a limited time only.  Click here to check them out.

    pizza socks